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International Initiatives

Malaria Control

Paladin has provided funding support to research firm, Eastland Medical Systems Limited, which is developing a sub-lingual (under the tongue) applicator which could significantly improve the effectiveness of malaria treatment of young children, who are most susceptible to death from the disease. Preliminary trials indicate a 70% improvement in uptake in young children compared with medication provided in drug form. Eastland recently undertook a successful clinical trial in which 15 children with complicated malaria were treated against a comparator drug – iv quinine, the World Health Organisation recommended treatment, and achieved 100% clearance rate within 24-36 hours. A further 150-patient confirmative study is to be undertaken shortly.

HIV/AIDS Vaccine Research

Paladin is among leading mining companies supporting the clinical trial of an Australian-developed therapeutic treatment vaccine designed to aid in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The vaccine – called VIR201 – has been developed by the Australian firm, Virax Holdings Limited. Its recent clinical trial in South Africa used a more purified and higher dose of the VIR201 vaccine and Virax is anticipating that this would have the positive effect of promoting a stronger immune response. The trial was “double blinded”, with no results available to patients, investigators or Virax until reviewed by an independent data safety monitoring board.