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relationship with shareholders

The Company places a high priority on communications with and accountability to shareholders. The Board recognises that shareholders, as the ultimate owners of the Company, are entitled to receive timely and relevant high quality information about their investment. Similarly, prospective investors should be able to make an informed decision when considering the purchase of shares in Paladin.

To safeguard the effective dissemination of information, the Board has implemented a Disclosure Control Policy, detailed later in this Statement, and adopted a Shareholder Communications Policy. These reinforce the Company’s commitment to its continuous disclosure obligations imposed by law.

Information will be communicated to shareholders by:

  • ensuring that published financial and other statutory reports are prepared in accordance with applicable laws and industry best practice;
  • ensuring the disclosure of full and timely information about the Company’s activities in accordance with the general and continuous disclosure principles in the ASX Listing Rules, the Corporations Act in Australia and all relevant legislation in Canada;
  • providing detailed reports from the Chairman, the Managing Director/CEO and other senior executives at the Annual General Meeting;
  • placing all material information released to the market (including notices of meeting and explanatory materials) on the Company’s website as soon as practical following release;
  • placing the Company’s market announcements and financial data for the preceding seven years on its website;
  • providing the Annual Report in a “user friendly” electronic format on its website; and
  • providing quarterly conference calls incorporating Q&A together with investor updates.

In addition, the website includes a facility to allow interested parties to subscribe to receive, electronically, public releases and other relevant material concerning the Company.

Shareholders are encouraged to attend Annual General Meetings and ask questions of Directors and senior management and also the Company’s external auditors, who are required to be in attendance. In the event that shareholders are unable to attend meetings, they are encouraged to lodge proxies signifying their approval or otherwise of the business to be considered. Since the 2009 AGM, shareholders have been able to directly lodge their votes online via the Company’s website and the Computershare voting platform.