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Top twenty shareholders

The twenty largest shareholders hold 81.74% of the total shares issued.

HolderNo. of Shares%
HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited172,402,26124.00
CDS & Co117,248,61116.33
JP Morgan Nominees Australia Limited87,350,36712.16
National Nominees Limited72,604,07010.11
CEDE & Co36,428,7355.07
Mr J Borshoff*21,877,3943.05
Citicorp Nominees Pty Limited21,316,8402.97
ANZ Nominees Limited16,444,8712.29
UBS Wealth Management Australia Nominees Pty Ltd7,341,3741.02
Cogent Nominees Pty Limited6,522,1840.91
UBS Nominees Pty Ltd6,411,8890.89
Ms Gillian Swaby*5,054,6550.70
Mr Rick Crabb*4,881,5280.68
AMP Life Limited4,708,8620.66
HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) Limited – A/C 32,685,1390.37
Mrs Deborah Lakshmi Halliday1,600,0000.22
Queensland Investment Corporation1,542,6190.21
JP Morgan Nominees Australia Limited1,520,4090.21
Merrill Lynch (Australia) Nominees Pty Limited1,505,2380.21
Forbar Custodians Limited1,360,7980.19

* Aggregates at associated holdings

Substantial shareholders as disclosed in substantial shareholder notices given to the Company are as follows:

The Capital Group Companies, Inc.                                                        44,465,297         6.19%

Voting rights

For all shares, voting rights are one vote per member on a show of hands and one vote per share in a poll.