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The Friends & Employees of Paladin for African Children (FEPAC ) charity was established in October 2008. The aim of FEPAC is to raise money to support projects in Africa, particularly Malawi and Namibia, that assist children with their everyday educational needs.

FEPAC holds an annual Quiz Night and Corporate Golf Day which have proved to be extremely popular and FEPAC would like to thank all the supporters of these events. As well as this, sales of chocolate in the Perth and Mount Isa offices, raffles and Christmas and Easter hampers raise much needed funds.

To date we fund six projects in Malawi; Mkakatavu Child Care, Mkakatavu Vocational Training, Nyungwe Blind Hostel, Karonga School for the Deaf, Ngaramu Child Care and Ngaramu Vocational Training.

If you would like more information on FEPAC please go to Corporate Social Responsibility, alternatively please visit the FEPAC pages at or email

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