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Collapse OverviewOverview
Corporate Values
Key Achievements
Chairman's Letter
Insights from the Managing Director
Nuclear Power - Meeting the Challenge
Collapse Management Discussion and AnalysisManagement Discussion and Analysis
Collapse Review of OperationsReview of Operations
Operations Overview
Niger (West Africa)
Northern Territory
Western Australia
Australia's Uranium Politics
Uranium Database
Health and Safety
Collapse Financial ReviewFinancial Review
Summarised Income Statement
Summary of Quarterly Financial Results
Segment Gross Profit
Summarised Statement of Comprehensive Income
Summarised Statement of Financial Position
Summarised Statement of Changes in Equity
Summarised Statement of Cash Flows
Liquidity and Capital Resources
Outstanding Share Information
Future Accounting Changes
Critical Accounting Estimates
Financial Instruments
Risks and Uncertainties
Transactions with Related Parties
Disclosure Controls
Internal Controls
Subsequent Events
Collapse Sustainable DevelopmentSustainable Development
Sustainable Development Introduction
Corporate Social Responsibility
Our People
Collapse Corporate Governance StatementCorporate Governance Statement
Corporate Governance Framework
Relationship with Shareholders
Board of Directors
Board Committees
Financial Reporting
Disclosure Controls
Risk Management
Health and Safety
Securities Ownership and Dealings
Codes of Conduct
Human Rights Policy
Whistleblower Policy
Privacy Policy
Diversity Policy
Collapse Directors' ReportDirectors' Report
Information on Directors
Renumeration Report (audited)
Collapse Financial ReportFinancial Report
Consolidated Income Statement
Consolidated Statement of Comprehensive Income
Consolidated Statement of Financial Position
Consolidated Statement of Changes in Equity
Consolidated Statement of Cash Flows
Collapse Notes to the Consolidated Financial StatementsNotes to the Consolidated Financial Statements
Note 1
Note 2
Note 3
Note 4
Note 5
Note 6
Note 7
Note 8
Note 9
Note 10
Note 11a
Note 11b
Note 12
Note 13
Note 14
Note 15
Note 16
Note 17
Note 18
Note 19
Note 20
Note 21
Note 22
Note 23
Note 24
Note 25
Note 26
Note 27
Note 28
Note 29
Note 30
Note 31
Directors' Declaration
Independent Audit Report
Collapse Additional InformationAdditional Information
Distribution and Number of Shareholders
Top Twenty Shareholders
Tenements Held
List of Abbreviations
Shareholder Reporting Timetable
Corporate Directory
FEPAC Charity
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