Corporate Governance

Paladin’s Corporate Governance Statement contained in the 2014 Annual Report describes the manner in which Paladin complies with the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s eight Corporate Governance Principles and recommendations. Further the Company also complies with the Ontario Securities Commission’s corporate governance requirements as set out in National Instrument 58-101.


Paladin Energy Ltd (Paladin) has adopted comprehensive systems of control and accountability as the basis for the administration of corporate governance. These policies and procedures are summarised in the following documents:

Company Constitution

Position Description: Non-Executive Chairman of the Board

Position Description: Managing Director/CEO

Position Description: Individual Director

Position Description: Committee Chairman

Code of Conduct for Directors

Board Charter

Audit Committee Charter

Nomination Committee Charter

Remuneration Committee Charter

Sustainability Committee Charter

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Risk Management Policy

Environmental Policy

Radiation Policy

Human Rights Policy

Community Relations Policy

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

Policy for Trading in Company Securities

Anti-Bribery and Corruption Compliance Guide

Compliance Committee Charter

Whistleblower Policy

Privacy Policy

Continuous Disclosure and Communication Policy

Diversity Policy

From left to right: John Borshoff (Managing Director/CEO), Peter Donkin (Non-executive Director), Donald Shumka (Non-executive Director), Non-executive Director), Philip Baily (Non-executive Director), Sean Llewelyn (Non-executive Director), Gillian Swaby (Company Secretary) and Rick Crabb (Chairman)

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