Manyingee is located in the north-west of Western Australia, 1,100km north of Perth and 85km inland from the coastal township of Onslow.  The property is comprised of three mining leases covering 1,307 hectares.  Paladin also holds one granted Exploration Licence (EPL 08/1496) totalling 89km2 at Spinifex Well, 25km north-east of Manyingee.  Paladin purchased Manyingee in 1998 from Afmeco Mining and Exploration Pty Ltd (AFMEX), a subsidiary of Cogema from France.

Between 1973 and 1984, approximately 400 holes were drilled by the previous owners to establish the extent and continuity of the sediment-hosted uranium mineralisation contained in permeable sandstone in paleochannels.  Field trials by AFMEX demonstrated that the Manyingee sandstone-hosted uranium deposit is amenable to extraction by in-situ recovery. 

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