The Oobagooma Project, beneficially held 100% by Paladin through its wholly owned subsidiary Paladin Energy Minerals NL, is located in the West Kimberley region of Western Australia, 1,900km north-north-east of Perth and 75km north-east of the regional centre of Derby. The project comprises long-standing applications for exploration licences covering approximately 452kmĀ².

In 1998 Paladin acquired a call option in relation to the purchase of Oobagooma. This arrangement was recently varied so that Paladin Energy Minerals NL is now the applicant and will, upon the anticipated grant, hold the exploration licence directly. Recent changes to the Mining Act 1978 (WA) now permit the grant of tenements within the Yampi Sound Defence Training Area and Paladin Energy Minerals NL holds a first-ranking application. The exploration licence application is situated on freehold land owned by the Commonwealth Government and used by the military for training purposes. Consent of the Commonwealth Government and the Department of Defence will be required for access to the project area. Negotiations with the relevant Government bodies were initiated in the first half of 2010. Government and Defence representatives have indicated their support for the Oobagooma Project.

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