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Paladin owns a substantial uranium database, compiled over 30 years of investigations by the international uranium mining house Uranerzbergbau in Germany, incorporating all aspects of the uranium mining and exploration industry worldwide and including detailed exploration data for Africa and Australia.

Uniquely among Australian companies, the primary focus of Paladin’s activities for the past years has been uranium. In that time the Company has maintained and expanded the library of databases consisting of extensive collections of technical, geological, metallurgical, geophysical and geochemical resources including resource evaluations, drill hole data, downhole logging data, airborne radiometric surveys results, open-file data, and photographic archives.

The library also holds a large collection of topical industry reference material and country specific information such as mining laws or investment conditions comprising an estimated 60,000 individual monographs and conference papers, project evaluation and exploration reports, documents, reprints, maps and technical journals kept in hardcopy, microfiche and a rapidly increasing number of resources in electronic format, including networked or internet databases and full-text resources.

The library is managed through online information management and retrieval systems enabling the sharing of knowledge throughout the Company and to quickly research uranium prospects, deposits and mineralisation on a country by country basis.

The geology resource database is managed in an integrated relational database system readily available for processing of exploration and mining data. The data continues to be utilised by the Company as an asset for project generation to evaluate opportunities and generate new uranium prospects and projects for acquisition and exploration.

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