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Malawi, located in southeast Africa, is known as 'the warm heart of Africa'. Malawi is bordered by Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia to the north north-east, east-south-west and west respectively. The country is 900km long, its width varies between 80km and 160km. The country's population is about 16 million people.

Malawi has one of the biggest lakes in Africa, Lake Malawi. It stretches 568km long and 16km wide, accounting for 20% of Malawi's total surface area.

Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi, is located in the country’s central region with a population of 978,700 (as of 2014).

The nearest town to the Kayelekera Mine is Karonga, located in the northern region of Malawi with a population of 42,555 (as of 2008).

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Travelling to Karonga, Malawi

The major international airport in Malawi is located in Lilongwe, 520km south of Karonga by road. South African Airways operates flights every day except Wednesday’s and Saturday’s to/from Johannesburg. Travel to Karonga is achieved either by road, approximately 6.5 hours to Karonga, or private charter. Paladin recommends travelling by road during day time hours only and as a consequence to this, an overnight stay in Mzuzu may be necessary.

For additional tourism and visa information please visit the Malawi Tourism website.


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