Sean Llewelyn
Non-executive Director

Mr Llewelyn originally qualified, and practised, as a solicitor in Australia and then re-qualified in England. He has subsequently worked in the finance and merchant banking industries for more than 20 years in Australia, the UK, the United States and South Africa. His considerable finance experience has been in derivatives (a founder, President and CEO of Capital Market Technology Inc.), structured finance and early stage investment relating to the metal markets. He has been involved with the uranium industry for many years and has a comprehensive understanding of the uranium market.

Mr Llewelyn was the instigator and driving a force in the formation of Nufcor International Ltd, a major uranium marketing company, initially jointly owned between Anglo Gold and First Rand International.

Mr Llewelyn was appointed to the Paladin Board on 12 April 2005.

Special Responsibilities
- Member of Audit Committee from 12 April 2005
- Chairman of Remuneration Committee from 26 November 2008 (member from 1 June 2005)
- Chairman of Nomination Committee from 26 November 2008 (member from 1 June 2005)

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