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International Initiatives

Malaria Treatment for Children

Paladin has continued to provide support to Suda Ltd for its development of ArTiMist™, a sub-lingual (under the tongue) spray for the treatment of severe and complicated malaria in children. Suda is currently working with the Medicines for Malaria Venture and other groups to expand the opportunity for ArTiMist™ by evaluating the product as an early interventional treatment before patients are referred to hospital. Suda believes that ArTiMist™ has the potential to be an effective pre-referral medication. It has the potential to significantly reduce child mortality and the adverse effects suffered by children, particularly within the first 24 hours of infection.

Employee Charitable Foundation, supported by Paladin

Friends and Employees of Paladin for African Children (FEPAC) is a charitable foundation established by Paladin employees to fund social projects that are outside the scope of the Company’s CSR programmes. Paladin supports the involvement of its employees in FEPAC and donates 25c for every A$1 raised and also provides administrative support.

The charity supports four organisations in Malawi that assist orphaned children with educational needs and vocational training courses. These include two projects that support kindergarten aged children where they receive porridge for breakfast, which for many may be their only meal of the day, and age appropriate lessons. Two vocational brick laying training courses began in the financial year for two groups of 10 teenagers. To date 158 teenagers have completed these courses and have been given tools of their trade to enable them to earn money to support their younger siblings. On completion of the courses, the students also complete a five-day, small business training course to teach them the basic fundamentals for setting up their own small businesses.   

FEPAC also supports a school for the visually impaired and a school for deaf children. Over the years FEPAC has helped fund the construction of classrooms, dormitories and teacher’s houses for these schools as well as assisting with their monthly running costs.

FEPAC is in the process of approving a capital donation to each of the organisations that is expected will meet the cost of an investment in a self-sustaining project. These self-sustaining projects have been designed to generate both ongoing food and income for the organisation that will exceed FEPAC’s current annual funding contribution. The projects have been planned to give the organisations that FEPAC has supported over the years the best chance of continuing their good work in a sustainable way for many years to come

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