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Material Stewardship

Paladin produces uranium to be used for the sole purpose of producing electricity. The uranium is thus sold to power utilities for use as fuel in nuclear power plants. In accordance with both internal and external stakeholder expectations, Paladin considers there to be a shared responsibility between the Company and its customers to ensure optimal and appropriate use of Paladin’s product. Paladin thus acknowledges that it is imperative to manage its product through the product’s life cycle to ensure that the Company meets its responsibilities regarding product stewardship.


All transfers of Paladin’s uranium product from its countries of origin, Namibia and Malawi, are made in strict compliance with the non-proliferation treaty of nuclear weapons and safeguard agreements in force between those countries, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and the recipient countries. Paladin is committed to adhere to the Mineral Council of Australia’s (MCA) Uranium Forum’s Code of Practice and Stewardship.

The key elements of the MCA Uranium Forum Code of Practice and Stewardship are as follows:

  1. Continual improvement to best practice in management
  2. Safely manage, contain and transport all hazardous material, tailings and other wastes
  3. Provide adequately for mine closure and rehabilitation
  4. Continual improvement in best practice in radiation control
  5. Support fit-for-purpose regulatory arrangements
  6. Provide information about uranium and its properties to stakeholders
  7. Support the safe and peaceful use of nuclear technology
  8. Active engagement with local and indigenous communities
  9. Implement effective and transparent reporting
  10. Engage collaboratively with other sectors of the nuclear fuel cycle  

Paladin has programmes in place to ensure that the principles of uranium stewardship are applied appropriately, many of which are addressed in this Sustainability Report.

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