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Paladin recognises that its people are the most important contributors to the business. During the reporting period Paladin focused on stabilising and retaining its workforce. Rationalisation and consolidation of organisational structures continued across the business which contributed to the decrease in total employee numbers across the Group.


Paladin is committed to upholding the principles contained in the International Labour Organization’s Core Conventions, and the Company’s approach to managing human resources is guided by a suite of policies and codes[28] which set out the Company’s people-related commitments and objectives. There are also specific internal practices in place to ensure the equitable recruitment, promotion, and remuneration of employees as well as policies to protect and promote individual privacy and ethical behaviour in Paladin’s workforce. In addition, all employees and contractors have access to Paladin’s Whistleblower Policy [29] through which they can raise concerns and make complaints without fear of intimidation or reprisal


Responsibility for managing the human resources function at LHM and KM resides with the site-based Human Resource Managers who have direct reporting lines to the General Managers Operation and also liaise with the Human Resources Department in Paladin’s Perth office.

Paladin works to develop its staff’s skills and expertise on a continuous basis by ensuring the right management foundations are in place, particularly focusing on employee relations, communication and learning. Employees are supported to access a variety of training options including conferences, short training courses, seminars and professional studies.


The retention of employees at LHM continued to be an issue during the reporting period due to increased competition within the local labour market resulting from the development of nearby mining projects. This is evident in the increased annual voluntary turnover figure of 24.04% for this reporting period in comparison to 19.53% in the previous reporting period.


The placement of KM onto care and maintenance in 2014 had a significant impact on both Malawi national and foreign expatriate employees. Successful management during care and maintenance depends upon having the appropriate people in the right roles. By the end of the reporting period the number of expatriate employees had been reduced to 9. At the end of the reporting period, 169 Malawian employees remained employed on site.

Despite KM being on care and maintenance, training and development of remaining personnel continued. During the current period, no employees participated in further development of their Personal Development Plans, as per previous periods. Personal Development Plans combine internal training and mentoring opportunities with formal study or training in the employee’s relevant field. The focus of the reporting period was to continue to motivate the remaining workforce within a care and maintenance context.

The care and maintenance phase provides an opportunity for the senior team remaining to conduct effective coaching and mentoring for more junior employees, reinforcing the learning culture at KM and leading to a continuous development of talent.


[38] To view any of Paladin’s policies or internally developed codes please go to:
[39] To view Paladin’s Whistleblower Policy please go to:

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