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About Namibia

Namibia is a country in southern Africa on the Atlantic coast. It shares borders with Angola and Zambia to the north, Botswana to the east, and South Africa to the south. It gained independence from South Africa in 1990 and its capital city is Windhoek. It is named after the Namib Desert and is a large and sparsely populated country, surface area 825,418km², population approximately 2.1 million (2011 estimate).

Swakopmund, the nearest town to the Langer Heinrich Mine, is located on the Atlantic coast in northwest Namibia, 280km west of Windhoek and 35km north of Walvis Bay, with a population of approximately 44,725 (2011 estimate).

Swakopmund is a beach resort and was founded in 1892 as the main harbour for German South-West Africa.

For information on travelling to Namibia, please refer to our 'Visiting Langer Heinrich' page.

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