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28/12/2011 EME: Exploration and Development Update on BJV
15/12/2011 Uranium Moratorium Lifted - Aurora Uranium Assets Canada
30/11/2011 Appendix 3B
28/11/2011 Comments by the Governor of Reserve Bank of Malawi
25/11/2011 Correction of Media Reporting by Australian Financial Review
24/11/2011 Results of Annual General Meeting
24/11/2011 Chairmans Address to 2011 Annual General Meeting 24 Nov 11
21/11/2011 Becoming a substantial holder
14/11/2011 Mid Quarter Operations and Market Update
14/11/2011 30 September 2011 Quarterly Financial Report and MDandA
11/11/2011 September Quarter 2011 Conference Call and Investor Update
03/11/2011 Appendix 3B
31/10/2011 Quarterly Activities Report for Period Ending September 2011
21/10/2011 Notice of Annual General Meeting to Shareholders
12/10/2011 Adjustment of Conversion Price of Convertible Bonds
12/10/2011 2011 Printed Annual Report
11/10/2011 EME: Exploration and Development Update on BJV Project
06/10/2011 Secondary Trading Notice re Placement
06/10/2011 Completion of Placement and Appendix 3B
04/10/2011 Appendix 3B
04/10/2011 Kayelekera Acid Plant Restart - Temporary Plant Shutdown
29/09/2011 Institutional Placement Successfully Completed
28/09/2011 Investor Presentation - Additional Reserve and Resource Info
28/09/2011 Investor Presentation
28/09/2011 Proposed Institutional Placement of Shares
28/09/2011 Trading Halt
16/09/2011 Kayelekera Production Resumes After Plant Upgrade
12/09/2011 Langer Heinrich US$141M Project Finance Facility Drawdown
07/09/2011 Kayelekera Update on Start-up - 1 week delay
02/09/2011 Appendix 3B
31/08/2011 30 June 2011 Annual Report
29/08/2011 Execution of US$141M Project Finance Facility Stage 3
29/08/2011 Kayelekera Drying and Packaging Plant Temporarily Off-Line
24/08/2011 Year End June 2011 Conference Call and Investor Update
22/08/2011 Uranium Sales Agreements Signed
21/07/2011 AZY: North Telfer Acquisition - Issue of Shares -Appendix 3B
20/07/2011 Quarterly Activities Report for Period Ending 30 June 2011
29/06/2011 Ceasing to be a substantial holder
20/06/2011 SMM: Notification to Shareholders
10/06/2011 Paladin Energy Clarifying Statement
27/05/2011 AZY: North Telfer Project Acquisition
26/05/2011 Becoming a substantial holder
13/05/2011 31 March 2011 Interim Financial Report and MDandA
11/05/2011 Namibian Mineral Policy will not affect Paladin interests
03/05/2011 Third Quarter Conference Call and Investor Update
29/04/2011 Mark Chalmers takes on role of Executive General Manager
29/04/2011 Langer Heinrich Unaffected by Reported Changes to Namibian
15/04/2011 Quarterly Activities Report for Period Ending 31 March 2011
13/04/2011 Becoming a substantial holder
24/03/2011 Ceasing to be a substantial holder
22/03/2011 Appendix 3Y Donald Shumka
16/03/2011 Paladin Statement on Japan and Conference Call
02/03/2011 Appendix 3B
28/02/2011 Appendix 3Y - Philip Baily
25/02/2011 Ceasing to be a substantial holder
25/02/2011 Ceasing to be a substantial holder
21/02/2011 Kayelekera Mine Production Resumes
18/02/2011 Appendix 3Y
17/02/2011 Malawi Diesel Shortage
15/02/2011 Appendix 3B
15/02/2011 Correction to Share Information - Half Year Accounts
15/02/2011 Appendix 4D and Dec Half Yearly Financial Report and MDandA
03/02/2011 Becoming a substantial holder
02/02/2011 Secondary Trading Notice
02/02/2011 Notice of Initial Substantial Holder
02/02/2011 Paladin Completes Acquisition of Aurora Uranium Assets
01/02/2011 Second Quarter Half Year Conference Call and Investor Update
21/01/2011 Quarterly Activities Report for Period Ending 31 Dec 2010
18/01/2011 Redemption of Outstanding Convertible Bonds Due 2011
13/01/2011 Appendix 3B
11/01/2011 Becoming a substantial holder
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