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ASX Announcements

Date Title
22/12/2017 Sale of EDF Claims and ASX Listing Rule 10.1 Waiver
22/12/2017 Expanatory Statement and Independent Experts Report
21/12/2017 Directions Hearing
21/12/2017 Administration and Company Update
15/12/2017 Cancellation of Share Appreciation Rights
14/12/2017 Final Directors’ Interest Notice x 4
12/12/2017 Directions Hearing and DOCA Timing
11/12/2017 Outcome of Second Creditors’ Meetings
07/12/2017 Letter Received from EDF Objecting to DOCA Proposal
05/12/2017 Letter to Shareholders
01/12/2017 Administration Update - Report to Creditors and Proposed DOCA
30/11/2017 Demand from EdF to Enforce Michelin Security
13/10/2017 Termination by EDF of the LTSA
27/09/2017 Extension of Convening Period
30/08/2017 Langer Heinrich Ore Sample Received – Marenica to Commence U-pgrade testwork
21/08/2017 Paladin to Retain Langer Heinrich
01/08/2017 Extension of Convening Period
24/07/2017 New Financing Facility
21/07/2017 Update on Sale of Langer Heinrich, TSX and Creditors Meeting
03/07/2017 Appointment of Administrators
03/07/2017 EDF Demand / Bondholder Support
27/06/2017 Update on Bondholder Support, Nedbank and Additional Financing Arrangements
20/06/2017 Update on Potential Sale of Langer Heinrich
15/06/2017 Marenica and Paladin Commence U-pgradeTM Testwork on Langer Heinrich Ore
13/06/2017 Suspension from Official Quotation
13/06/2017 Update on Edf Long Term Supply Contract and Potential Sale of Langer Heinrich
19/05/2017 2017 Bondholder Consent Solicitation and TSX Listing Update
17/05/2017 Update on 2017 Bondholder Consent Solicitation
16/05/2017 March Quarter Conference Call Presentation
16/05/2017 31 March 2017 Interim Financial Report and MD&A
16/05/2017 Reinstratement to official quotation
16/05/2017 Strategic & Funding - Alternative Restructure Proposal
08/05/2017 March Quarter 2017 Conference Call and Investor Update
05/05/2017 Paladin to Proceed with Potential Sale of Langer Heinrich
27/04/2017 2017 Bondholder consent solicitation launched
19/04/2017 Quarterly Activities Report for period ending 31 March 2017
03/04/2017 Bondholder and Nedbank Standstill Correction
03/04/2017 Bondholder and Nedbank Standstill
03/04/2017 AVW: Manyingee Joint Venture Not Proceeding
03/04/2017 Manyingee Sale Not Complete
23/03/2017 Paladin Resolves to Arbitrate Against CNNC
15/03/2017 Cancellation of Share Appreciation Rights
14/03/2017 UPDATE - S&P DJ Indices Announces March Quarterly Rebalance
10/03/2017 Voluntary Suspension
10/03/2017 S&P DJ Indices Announces March Quarterly Rebalance
09/03/2017 CNNC Purports to Exercise Langer Heinrich Call Option
09/03/2017 Trading Halt
14/02/2017 31 December 2016 Half Year Conference Call Presentation
14/02/2017 Appendix 4D and Dec Half Yearly Financial Report and MDandA
03/02/2017 December Quarter 2016 Conference Call and Investor Update
01/02/2017 AVW: FIRB approval of Manyingee Transaction
27/01/2017 Recent Share Price and Trading Volume
19/01/2017 MGT Shareholder Approval to Acquire 30% Manyingee
18/01/2017 Quarterly Activities Report for Period Ending 31 Dec 2016
10/01/2017 Proposed Balance Sheet Restructuring
04/01/2017 Inaccurate Media Articles
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