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Australian Uranium Policies

At the national level of Australian politics, both the Federal Labor Party and the Federal Coalition parties support development of the uranium industry, however, the granting of licences to mine uranium is a decision made within the residual jurisdiction of each state government.

The state based Labor Government of South Australia supports existing mines and is receptive to new uranium projects.

The state based Labor Government of the Northern Territory also supports existing mines and is receptive to new uranium projects.

The Liberal-National Party Coalition Government of the State of Western Australia supports uranium mining in Western Australia. Uranium mining projects have progressed to environmental assessment since that Government was elected in late 2008. At its State Conference in June 2011, the opposition Labor Party reaffirmed its stance against uranium mining. The next Western Australian state election must be held no later than March 2017.

A state election held in Queensland on 21 January 2015 resulted in a change of government from the Liberal-National Party (“LNP”) to Labor. The previous state LNP Government in Queensland was prepared to grant licences to mine uranium however the Labor Party has changed government policy and does support uranium mining although will continue to support exploration.

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