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Employee Charitable Foundation, supported by Paladin

Friends and Employees of Paladin for African Children (FEPAC) is a charitable foundation that was established in 2008 by Paladin employees to fund social projects outside of the scope of the Company’s CSR programmes. The charity was supported by Paladin at a rate of 25c for every A$1 raised until late 2015.  FEPAC raised over $1.2M since inception. Funds raised by the charity have provided support to six projects in Malawi that assist children with educational needs and vocational training courses, such as brick laying, carpentry and tailoring. Currently over 200 teenagers have completed these courses.

FEPAC in co-operation with the Australian Government (AUSAID/DAP) has financed (50/50) construction of teacher housing, a dining hall and a three-classroom blocks at the school for deaf children in Karonga. Two classroom blocks were also constructed at Silu and Kapilikalanda Government primary schools both within the district.

FEPAC has donated exercise books and pens for school children in six schools near Kayelekera Mine and has provided atlases, dictionaries and some textbooks, 36 small solar panel sets as an incentive for teachers to remain in remote locations and over 200 soccer balls.

Since late 2015 FEPAC fund raising activities have been scaled back in line with the large scale redundancies that affected many Paladin staff.  The charity is currently assessing options to disburse remaining funds to suitable projects and organisations in the Kayelekera area with a view to winding up all activities in a two year time frame.

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