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Garnet Halliday Karonga Water Supply Project

The Garnet Halliday Karonga Water Project was built at a cost of more than US$10M and is the centrepiece of Paladin’s Social Development commitment to Malawi, the objective being to provide a safe and reliable water supply to the Town of Karonga. Construction was undertaken in 2009-10. The local water utility, the Northern Regional Water Board (NRWB) began operating the plant and supplying water to Karonga’s 40,000 people in March 2010. Subsequent difficulties were encountered with the plant’s intake system and, although not obligated to do so, Paladin undertook a US$350,000 project to install a redesigned eco-friendly intake strainer system, to reposition the 760m pipeline to the Karonga Water Plant, and to substantially strengthen its anchoring system.

This project was approved by the NRWB, Paladin and the Ministry of Irrigation and Water Development in November 2012, and work commenced in early 2013. The project was completed in early 2014 with the installation of the final 14 blocks to weight the pipeline. The replacement intake strainer was inspected by professional divers and found to be in position and completely stable. The plant is now operating as per design, providing Karonga with a safe and reliable water supply that will meet the town’s projected needs until 2025.

In February 2014, Paladin arranged for an independent engineering review of the Karonga Water Plant and the resulting consultant’s report noted that "overall, the Karonga Water Plant is in good condition for a plant that has been operating since March 2010, some 4 years of production" and that "general minor maintenance has been well attended to, along with exceptionally good housekeeping." Paladin has also assisted the NWRB with technical support and advice on critical spares and maintenance planning for the Karonga Water Plant.

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