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Karonga School for the Deaf

When FEPAC was introduced to this project the school was in great need of our help. They had 58 pupils and had only 2 classrooms, with the remainder of their lessons taking place in dilapidated tents. Whilst the boys had a simple dormitory, the girls slept on the floor of a local Women’s Guild. There were no staff houses so all the teachers and staff had to commute over eight kilometres each way daily.

Between January 2011 and June 2013 FEPAC funded the construction of a classroom block, a dormitory for the girls, a dining room and kitchen, two teacher’s houses and a water storage tower. FEPAC has also provided specialised equipment such as hearing aids, an audiometer and three otoscopes as well as assisting with visits from audiologists to test the children’s hearing and train the school’s teachers.

FEPAC also purchased furniture for all the new buildings which was made by past students from the vocational training courses.

In addition FEPAC provided monthly funding for living costs and utilities for some 84 children from January 2011 to January 2018 after introducing a self-sustaining poultry project.  Recent reports (May 2018) indicate that school staff are not committed to ensuring the success of the project.

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