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Current Status

Focus during the current care and maintenance phase of the Project has been on the safety of personnel and the security of the projects assets, maintaining idled plant and equipment, maintaining stakeholder relationships, environmental monitoring and treating and discharging surplus water stocks to reduce water balance prior to the onset of each rainy season. Treatment and discharge of water is conducted under licences granted by the Government of Malawi.

An in house study for the recommencement of production at Kayelekera was completed in 2016 and the results showed that Kayelekera remains a valuable strategic asset that can be quickly returned to production when justified by a higher uranium price environment.  Options from the study will be reviewed as market conditions evolve.

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ASX A$ 0.16

Latest Prices

TradeTech U3O8 spot US$26.50/lb
TradeTech U3O8 long term US$32.00/lb

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