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LHUPL believes that Education and Skills Development are basic enablers for economic progress, without which sustained development cannot take place. These enablers are acknowledged as key in human development and critical for economic progression and increased equality.



Recently graduated Namibian students have the opportunity to gain hands-on practical working experience and in-house training in all disciplines through LHUPL’s Graduate Programme. To date, most graduates have joined the mine as permanent employees after successfully completing the Graduate Programme.



The Gobabeb Research and Training Programme supports the development of scientific research skills of young Namibian environmental professionals through a five-month field-based internship programme facilitated at the Gobabeb Research and Training Centre located in the Namib Desert. It aims to build capacity for the sustainable management of Namibia’s natural resources.

Tertiary education students, chosen after an intensive selection process, are expected to design and implement original, independent research projects focused on the management and restoration of degraded ecosystems. Close mentorship and supervision is maintained to ensure scientific quality, while critical thinking, systematic problem solving and improved communication skills are fostered. This Programme will run over a five year period and is to benefit at least 20 students in total.



LHUPL is committed to ensuring effective environmental management across all aspects of its operation as well as, where possible, outside its immediate operational impact areas.

LHUPL has been supporting the Ministry of Environment and Tourism with environmental-friendly infrastructure development at its Ganib Park Management Station in the Dorob National Park.



The development of Sports skills and talents and the support to Food Security allow for the promotion of healthy lifestyles and a healthy nation. Good health is one of the basic requirements for quality of life. There is a direct causal relationship between good health and increased productivity and learning abilities. In addition to improved physical health, sport plays a primarily positive role in youth development, including improved academic achievement, higher self-esteem, fewer behavioural problems, and better psychosocial. Food insecurity on the other hand may cause malnutrition, which leads to bad health. In order to counter the impacts of malnutrition, LHUPL supports feeding and agricultural initiatives.



Food Security

LHUPL has been supporting the Promiseland Trust Feeding Scheme for the past seven years. The Scheme caters for 250 disadvantaged children in Walvis Bay on a daily basis. The Promiseland Trust also has a foster child programme and has recently included pre-school classes using the Montessori Education Model in its activities.

Special Projects

With funds raised during its Annual Charity Golf events, LHUPL has been supporting various children-centered projects over the last seven years. Focus of this support was on vulnerable and orphaned children as well as the mentally and physically challenged.

Proceeds from future Annual Charity Golf events will be used for the construction of classrooms. Namibia has a huge need for educational infrastructure and LHUPL aims to make a difference with this platform. In addition, this Project could lead to the creation of short-term job opportunities through the utilisation of local builders, suppliers and transport services. LHUPL is working in close cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Art and Culture.

The Blue Waters Sports Club

LHUPL has been in a long-term partnership with Namibia’s second oldest Sports Club, namely the Blue Waters Sports Club, which was founded in 1936, making it rich with history and culture. LHUPL’s support goes towards the development of youth sports in codes such as boys’ and girls’ soccer, boys’ and girls’ handball, netball, and girls’ and boys’ cricket. On average, 160 young girls and boys, mostly from schools in low income areas, benefit from the Programme on an annual basis. The Programme also creates short-term employment opportunities for at least ten coaches and 20 soccer players contracted to play for the team in the National Premier League.

Young Namibian athletes gain from national and international exposure during competitions. The Club also has a programme supporting schools’ sports administration and coaching.

Short-term Support

LHUPL supports short term initiatives such as the donation of computers to various schools; helping schools celebrate excellent teacher and learner performances through prize giving awards; and the development of additional sport codes such as cycling, gymnastics, soccer and boxing.

Stakeholder Engagement

LHUPL is a member and active participant in many mining industry bodies including the Chamber of Mines and the Namibia Uranium Association, while it participates in various local and reginal socio-economic planning and implementation platforms. This enables LHUPL to contribute to the discussions and development of public policy initiatives, codes of practice, environmental stewardship and key industry issues. This also allows LHUPL to understand and remain abreast of key challenges and opportunities facing the uranium sector as well as Namibia as a whole, and facilitates the development of LHUPL’s strategies, plans and policies to better reflect and respond to market needs and stakeholder expectations.

In addition, LHUPL facilitates regular public and interest group site visits to the LHUL mine site.

In addition, LHUPL supports various initiatives focussing on the development of vocational skills and employability of unemployed youth.

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