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Mkakatavu CBO Poultry Project

FEPAC funded a poultry project on sustainability model basis. This project was intended to generate funds that would go towards vocational training and provide a small allowance for the volunteers. The poultry house was built in April 2017. FEPAC provided 100 broiler chicks and 100 layer chicks in May 2017. FEPAC also financed training of the CBO committee members on how to care for the chickens. The CBO was unable to adequately manage the project and therefore the objectives to raise enough money to keep the project running failed.

The agreement between the CBO and FEPAC was that the community was to provide an area to establish a crop garden for which FEPAC had agreed to supply seed and fertilizer. The proceeds from the crop garden would have been used to support the Child Care (CBCC). The community did not make the land for the crop garden available.  The FEPAC committee terminated all dealings with the CBO in February 2018.


Mkakatavu CBO poultry house (Left), Feeds and other items delivered in preparation for arrival of chicks

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