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Ngalamu CBO Maize Mill

Direct funding for the vocational training and CBCC ended in June 2017 after which FEPAC funded a maize milling and crop garden project on a sustainability model basis. The objectives of the project were for the community to be able to fund the vocational training and to provide a small allowance for the volunteers. The community agreed to provide a crop garden from which proceeds would support the CBCC.

FEPAC provided the building and bought the maize mill. The mill started generating income in May 2017 and has achieved the objectives of the project to date. Ten young people completed a four month bricklaying course in July 2018, and 14 volunteers received MWK10,000 each for work done between May 2017 and April 2018. This was resourced with money generated from the mill.

The community provided the garden and with FEPAC support (seed, fertilizer and a water pump) planted rice.  A field visit by FEPAC at the end of May 2018 showed that the rice crop was ready for harvest.


      Ngalamu CBO maize mill  


                                                                      Ngalamu CBO Rice Garden

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