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Sustainability Report

ASX share price PDN A$0.13

TradeTech U3O8: Spot US$29.60/lb | long term US$37.00/lb


Paladin is committed and focused on delivering sustainable value for its people, stakeholders and the communities in which it operate. Delivering on our Company commitments is a key pillar of our business strategy and goals.

The Company’s values include promoting the creation of shared wealth, becoming a major uranium supplier, operating at global best practice, safety and environmental stewardship, employee welfare and recognition, and contributing and responding to the attitudes and expectations of local communities in the countries in which Paladin operates.

The Company emphasises acting with integrity, honesty and cultural sensitivity in all of its dealings.

In support of this commitment, Paladin applies and adheres to established and internationally recognised principles of sustainable development for all global activities. In implementing its sustainable development programme, Paladin aims to achieve a balance between economic, environmental and social needs in all phases of its projects, and takes into consideration its employees, communities, shareholders and other key stakeholders.

Download: 2019 Sustainability Report