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What's in the Name?

Charlemagne (742 - 814AD) was a Germanic King who ruled with the assistance of his Paladins, a legendary company of knights who formed the elite of the King’s army. These Paladins later became a source of inspiration for the romantic poets for whom they symbolised the highest virtues of chivalry and valour.

The word Paladin was originally derived from the early Byzantine era to signify those who were the highest dignitaries of the Court and usually referred to a lord or chieftain, and later a knight errant - a champion on a quest for adventure.

Paladin came to describe a person or a special group possessing superlative qualities of loyalty, diligence, and honesty, which is firm and united in support of an honourable cause or objective.

Paladin is an apt name for our Company.

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Latest Prices

TradeTech U3O8 spot US$24.50/lb
TradeTech U3O8 long term US$32.00/lb

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