Our Values

  • Integrity

    We act with integrity and honesty in all we do and say

  • Respect

    We respect and value all people equally

  • Courage

    We meet all challenges and seize opportunities with courage

  • Community

    We invest in our communities to create lasting value

Resourceful, future-focused and independent.

Paladin Energy Limited is a significant uranium miner and exploration company.

Being an independent and highly regarded global producer means we have an exceptionally solid grounding for resilience and real success.

We’re forward looking, firmly committed to all stakeholders, and focussed on maximising the value of our proven production and development assets.

Paladin’s 75% stake in the globally significant Langer Heinrich mine in Namibia leads this charge. Its long-life operations have already produced over 40 million pounds of U3O8 to date.

Preserving our resource and our shareholder value matters to us. So, against a sustained low uranium spot price, we placed Langer Heinrich on care and maintenance in 2018.

Our Mission

Resourcing a global carbon-free future.

Today, we’re firmly positioned for a successful operational restart at the Namibian mine. Our renewed vision and determination is keenly shared and stronger than ever.

We’ve completed a comprehensive Restart Plan which clearly shows our Langer Heinrich mine ready for return to production as soon as positive uranium price incentives are reached.

In addition, our studies concluded key opportunities to reduce operating costs and pursue the potential of recovering vanadium in the future.

Beyond Langer Heinrich, Paladin also owns a large global portfolio of uranium exploration and development assets. These are located in Canada and Australia. They’re technically advanced and show excellent potential for recovering in-demand resources.

Paladin is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) and on the Namibian Stock Exchange (NSX) under the symbol PDN.

Our Values

We go beyond to act with integrity and honesty, upholding authenticity and fairness in all we do and say. We maintain transparency, both personally and operationally, and we work together with openness and clarity.

We respect and value all people equally, recognising their individual worth and demonstrating cultural sensitivity. We embrace diversity and inclusion, welcoming differences and encouraging all voices to be heard.

We meet all challenges and seize opportunities with courage. We embrace the unknown and show strength in adversity. We are passionate about doing what we believe is right, and we display consistent, predictable and positive behaviour.

We invest in our communities, fostering strong and meaningful connections that create lasting value. We engage, listen and respond to what is important to the communities in which we operate.

Paladin is one of the only independent, publicly listed,
large-scale uranium producers in the world.