Paladin Energy’s Langer Heinrich Mine in Namibia is a proven tier one asset in the global nuclear fuel energy cycle.

Our mine is situated in the country’s Namib Desert, 80km east of the major Walvis Bay seaport, placing us within a significant uranium region.

We are some 40km south-east of the world’s longest running open pit uranium mine at Rössing, previously operated by the Rio Tinto Group and now by our partner, China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC).

The world class Husab uranium operation is also close to our mine and is run by China General Nuclear Power Company.

Our Langer Heinrich Mine has a clear, positive pathway back to production.

The Restart Plan confirms this globally significant mine is positively placed to take advantage in an improved uranium market.

The decline in uranium market conditions led Paladin in May 2018 to place Langer Heinrich into care and maintenance.

Now the completed studies and plan confirm restart capital, costs and operational performance, as well as opportunities to improve the reliability and strength of the operations in the future.

A strategic tier one mine.

And we have not stopped there. Paladin has undertaken ongoing value adding studies in preparation for the execution phase of our plan.

Langer Heinrich is in a strong financial position, with a 10-year track record of proven, reliable production and delivery. Add to this our existing infrastructure and historic mine development.

Clearly the Restart Plan demonstrates our mine’s early-mover advantage relative to other large-scale greenfields uranium projects.

Our Langer Heinrich Mine is fully permitted to resume mining and uranium exports.

As uranium prices improve, Paladin has the right team to execute the Restart Plan with confidence and success.

Restart scope of work to deliver mine to mill improvements

Mine Restart Plan confirms economic significance of Langer Heinrich

  • Cost to Restart Operations

  • Life of Mine C1 – Cost of Production

  • Peak Production
    5.9Mlb U3O8 pa for 7 years

  • Mine Life
    17 years

  • Restart Capital Intensity

Historical Performance Parameters


  1. Stage Three Expansion Project completed in 2013 generating 5Mlb pa U3O8 production capacity
  2. Mining suspended November 2016
  3. Production suspended May 2018

Rich deposit in a stable, modern nation.

Namibia is a stable, mining-friendly nation. For our Langer Heinrich uranium mine, this supports a low risk environment and confidence for all stakeholders.

State and provincial regulatory regimes remain strong and consistent within the nation’s sound political framework.

The Langer Heinrich Mine is located in Namibia’s Erongo Region and within the Namib Naukluft National Park.

The mine is situated in the country’s Namib Desert, 80km east of the major Walvis Bay seaport. Modern infrastructure guarantees reliable and smooth access from mine site to the well-established port.

Namibia has strong government-directed policy for the management of COVID-19. This has allowed recent controlled relaxation of travel restrictions into the country.

Uranium has been continually produced in Namibia since 1976 under a stable mining and uranium regulatory regime.

History of Langer Heinrich Mine

Paladin acquired Langer Heinrich Uranium (Pty) Ltd and its assets from Aztec Resources Ltd (formerly Acclaim Uranium NL) in August 2002.

Our purchase consideration was A$15,000 and a production royalty of 12 Australian cents per kilogram of yellowcake produced and sold.

Historic Timeline:


The deposit is discovered after a government-sponsored airborne radiometric survey of the area.


General Mining Union Corporation Limited (Gencor) undertakes extensive evaluation work at the site from 1974-1980. Suspends work on the project in mid-80s following a fall in the prevailing uranium price.


Acclaim Uranium NL acquires the project from Glencor, completes a pre-feasibility study, and puts project on hold again due to prevailing uranium prices.


Paladin Energy acquires Langer Heinrich Uranium (Pty) Ltd in August and its assets from Aztec Resources Ltd (formally Acclaim Uranium NL).


Langer Heinrich commences production with a capacity of 2.7Mlbpa.


Construction of Stage 2 expansion to 3.7Mlbpa commences at the mine.


Langer Heinrich reaches Stage 2 design capacity in December.


Construction of Stage 3 expansion to 5.2Mlbpa commences early in the year.


Completion of Stage 3 expansion is achieved at the end of March.


The sale process for a 25% interest in the mine by CNNC is completed in July.


Process innovation focuses on the Bicarbonate Recovery Plant (BRP) which is commissioned in early March, resulting in significant reagent cost reductions.


With the continued decline in uranium prices, Langer Heinrich introduces a mining curtailment strategy in November.


Paladin places Langer Heinrich mine into care and maintenance in May due to sustained low uranium spot price. Mine successfully transitions to full C&M in August.


Paladin commences a Prefeasibility Study in February to further refine and verify the Langer Heinrich mine restart plan.


Paladin completes the Langer Heinrich Restart Plan, providing a clear pathway back to reliable production and re-engages with its long-term customers in an improving uranium market.