There’s positive energy emerging from Paladin, with reinvigorated branding and a new website.

As the independent uranium miner and explorer takes strides to re-engage with its global customers, Paladin Energy has revealed a bold new look and positioning.

Expressing the complex orbital structure of the uranium atom, Paladin’s contemporary logo succinctly characterises its core place in the global nuclear fuel cycle.

The striking design is bolstered by a progressive and aspirational tagline ‘Clean energy. Clear future.’ This sets a confident pathway forward and marks a new era for the miner.

“Our strategic Langer-Heinrich Mine is production-ready, and our robust Restart Plan highlights the strong economic returns we can deliver within a favourable uranium price environment,” said Ian Purdy, Paladin Energy’s CEO.

“This refreshed approach underlines our strong financial position at Langer Heinrich and 10-year track record of proven, reliable production and delivery. Now that we’re ready to move out of the care and maintenance phase the mine entered in 2018, we’ve set a distinctive brand in place as we reconnect confidently with our global customers.”

Paladin’s stated mission of ‘Resourcing a global carbon-free future’ is further enhanced by sustainability credentials and commitments that deliver value for all stakeholders.

“Exciting and positive times lie ahead, and the roadmap is decisive. And our standout new brand direction is energising the team and galvanising our efforts here at Paladin,” confirmed Purdy.